A Better Being

To optimize well-being during your stay, we offer several services to support you.
These services are only available by appointment and reservation .

Meditation Relaxation in nature

I offer you a ""Moment for yourself"" around our pond or in another quiet place on our property.
I offer you activities so that you can make the most of your stay, (re)take a breath and recharge your batteries.

ReiKi master since 2010, I have extensive experience in meditation, relaxation and intuitive coaching.
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Activity offered for adults and young people aged 16 and over, if accompanied by an adult (paying).
The day must be agreed together in advance or on site.
Group of maximum 6 people
Languages spoken: French, English, Dutch

PRICES (per person, per session):
1 person. : 20€
2 people. : €17.50
3 to 6 people. : 15€

Journey between Sound and Touch

Harmony between the expert hands of the masseuse and the sound of the Tibetan bowl will take you on a journey out of time.
A Unique Sensory Experience, a pure moment of Well-Being,
where the Body and Spirit are in Harmony.

The course
After an introduction and a moment of relaxation guided by my voice, your journey out of Time, lasting around 45 minutes, begins.
A personalized harmony, between touch and sound.
After a gentle "awakening", I advise you to drink water or an infusion, to complete this moment of well-being. (An infusion is offered for energy treatments on site).

Allow 75 mins. of your time for this unique experience.

- On site in Urval, 24480 or with travel within a radius of 8km: €65
- Beyond and up to 15km: €70

Do you want to offer a moment of well-being?
I also offer Gift Vouchers.